Industrial Power Service (IP)

Availability of Service

Available to any customer where three-phase primary service is required and monthly billing demands exceed 10,000 kVA.  Applicant must be located adjacent to a transmission or distribution line having adequate capacity for the customer's requirements.

Base Rate*

Monthly Service Charge $172.55 per metering point per month
Distribution Demand Charge $2.958 per Maximum kVA
Billed Demand Charge $16.624 per kVA for all kVA
Energy Charge $0.033524 per kWh
* Subject to the provisions of the disclaimer and Non-Recurring Charges.

Determination of of Distribution Demand

The Distribution Demand shall be equivalent to the Maximum Load.  The Maximum Load in kVA shall be taken each month by a 15-minute integrating or thermal type demand meter or indicator divided by the average lagging power factor established during the month corrected to the nearest kVA.  Energy will be measured by suitable integrating instruments.

For billing purposes, the Maximum Load shall be the greater of the maximum load occurring during the month or ten thousand (10,000) kVA.

Determination of Billed Demand

The Billed Demand shall be measured by suitable recording instruments provided by Anderson Municipal Light and Power, and in any month, the Billed Demand shall be the 60-minute integrated kW demand occurring in the same 60-minute interval and on the same day of each month as the 60-minute integrated demand that will be used by the Indiana Municipal Power Agency to bill Anderson Municipal Light and Power.

Term of Service

Service arrangements under this rate schedule will be made for an initial term of not less than one (1) year with a longer term if specified in a contract between the customer and the utility.

Special Terms and Conditions

Service under this rate schedule normally will be supplied through one metering installation. Where customer is served through 2 metering points to the same plant or location primary or transmission voltage, the meter readings may be totaled for billing.However, the Monthly Service Charge will apply for each metering point.

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