Chase Street Project

Chase Street Project: The old sidewalk and brick street was removed and a new sidewalk was poured. Old bricks were reset and new asphalt was set as well. Project was started in April and completed in October. Water lines were dug prior to dirt phase by the water department. Gas lines were lowered by Vectren as well. 

Chase St. April2
Chase Street- Before work was started.
Chas St. April1

New sidewalk was poured and a dirt base was layed.
Chase Dirt Base

Concrete retainer was set in place allowing bricks to be layed in between these structures.

Chase St. 10-03-13
A stone base was then layed on top of the dirt base.

Chase St. September 2013

Asphalt was poured in between the brick sections.

Chase St. October1

Brick work began.

Chase St. 10-04-13-4

Chase St. 10-04-13-3

Sand was used to prevent the bricks from shifting.

Chase St. 10-08-13

Project Nearing Completion

Chase St. 10-15-13 C

Chase St. 10-15-13 A
Chase Street- Completed

Chase St Completed
Chase St Completed 2