Advertise on CATS!

The City of Anderson Transit System is introducing a new kind of advertising...Imagine "moving marketing"!  We are putting advertising on our buses.  You can choose from 1-12 buses.  You can also choose from something as small as a side or rear panel or to as large as wrapping the entire bus.  We have a variety of packages to accommodate several price ranges.  

Sponsors to date include:  Oak Motors, Anderson Speedway, Intersect and the Miriam Project.  
CATS is also allowing marketing on all of our bus shelters.  Currently, they all have three sides with an open front for the entrance.  One side has an advertising panel while the back and other side have plain Plexiglass.  The top is a curved metal piece with CATS printed on it.  The ideas are limitless for the advertiser.  See some of the unique ones that we have found on the internet to the side.

CATS serves the City of Anderson, with a population of approximately 57,000 including Anderson University campus, with a population of over 2,200 students and faculty.  Annual ridership on CATS buses is nearly 200,000.  Seven fixed route buses are available for exterior advertising, and five nifty lift buses are available also that are driven all throughout the city upon demand.   

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