Live Line Demonstration


Anderson Municipal Light & Power (AML&P), with cooperation from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 281, offers a live line safety demonstration for the city of Anderson and surrounding areas. The demonstration is a working display depicting Anderson's electric system as it exists throughout the Anderson service territory

Emergency response personnel such as fireman, policeman, and medics can greatly benefit from this demonstration. The Live Line Demonstration can show emergency response personnel the hazards and dangers that come with operating in and around power lines. The Live Line Demonstration is a mobile unit, and can conduct its operation anywhere desired.

The Live Line Demonstration is an educational and fun way to show children the dangers of our city's power lines. We have many brochures, goodies, and fun items that go along with the demonstration that children love and have tremendous learning value.

Our Live Line Demonstration Team is a highly trained, highly professional unit that would like the opportunity to add safety awareness anywhere in the Anderson community and surrounding areas.

The presentation last for 20 to 30 minutes and includes electrical contact hazards resulting from traffic accidents, trees, antennas, animals, helium-filled balloons, and vandalism. Contact Bob Asbury, 765-648-6506, to set up a demonstration.  We look forward to serving the community and educating the community on the dangers of electricity.