Constant Load Service (CL)

Availability of Service
Available to customers with loads of a constant demand and operating at unity load factor.

Character of Service
Single phase alternating current, 60 Hertz at one standard secondary voltage of 120 volt 2 wire, 120/208 volt 3 wire, or 120/240 volt 3 wire as designated by the utility.

Base Rate*

 Customer Charge $9.86 per month per service location
 Energy Charge $0.061102 per kWh for all kWh
Base rates are subject to quarterly adjustments to reflect changes in the cost of wholesale power. Please refer to the Tracking Factor for quarterly adjustments.

* Subject to the provisions of the disclaimer and Non-Recurring Charges.

Minimum Charge
The minimum monthly charge shall be the customer charge.

Determination of Energy
Connected load as determined in wattage input by the utility shall be totaled, multiplied by average monthly hours use and billed at the above rate.

Special Terms and Conditions

  1. The customer shall furnish and install all equipment except one span of overhead conductors to take service under this rate schedule with utility inspection and approval. Any change in load or location shall be approved in writing by the utility. If the utility must install new facilities or relocate existing facilities for the customer to take service under htis rate schedule, the customer will pay in advance the cost of all such work.
  2. Service will be available under this rate schedule for the operation of CATV distribution line power supply equipment and traffic signals. For the purposes of billing, each customer's determined energy at each location will be totaled for service under this rate schedule.