Small Power Service (SP)

Availability of Service
Available for electric service through one meter to any customer where three phase service is required.

Character of Service
Three phase alternating current, 60 Hertz, at one standard utility voltage from 120 to 480 volts or at a higher standard voltage if available and requested by customer. Utility will indicate the voltage an type of service available and appropriate for the customer's requirements.

Base Rate*

 Customer Charge $49.30 per meter per month
 Maximum Load Charge $12.443 per kW for all kW
Energy Charge   
 - For First 200 hours of use of Billing-Maximum Load
 - For all hours over 200 of use of Billing-Maximum Load
$0.048413 per kWh
$0.046973 per kWh
Base rates are subject to quarterly adjustments to reflect changes in the cost of wholesale power. Please refer to the Tracking Factor for quarterly adjustments.

* Subject to the provisions of the disclaimer and Non-Recurring Charges.

Minimum Charge
The minimum monthly charge shall be the customer charge plus the Maximum Load charge.

Determination of Maximum Load and Measurement of Energy
Billing maximum load in kW shall be taken each month as the highest registration in kilowatts during the month by a 15-minute integrating or thermal type demand meter or indicator. Energy will be measured by suitable integrating instruments. For billing purposes the billing maximum load shall be the greater of the maximum load occurring during the month or twenty (20) kW.

A minimum term of service may be required for service under this rate schedule.

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