Street Lights

Street lights that illuminate city streets or city right-of-ways are installed to improve public safety for those who use and reside along those streets and right-of-ways. Typically, street lights are installed over roadways, however, there are occasions where lights can be installed over other city owned right-of-ways, such as alleys. Any city resident can initiate a petition for a street light, however it requires city approval and the resident must provide sufficient justification. Please see the (petition form).

Once the petition is completed and approved by the Board of Works, AMLP will install the light. Contact Sam Nuce via email or phone (765)648-6508 to inquire about obtaining a security light.

Street Light Types
100 HPS
150 HPS
250 HPS
400 HPS

To report a street light issue please call (765)648-6480 or click here.