Tapping Into City Water

When a customer requests to have city water, verification must first be made to assure that water is available by contacting the Anderson City Water Department. After verification, an application can be made for a Tap and Tile. The cost for this is $820, (for a standard 3/4 inch tap) which has to be paid at the time of application.

View the Application for Water Service.

Tap & Tile
Before the Tap and Tile can be installed, the customer must have on file the proper permits from the plumbing inspector's office located in the Building Commissioners Office. A licensed plumber or the homeowner obtains the permits if they are doing the work themselves.

The city will bring the water to the property line or a point determined by the utility. The homeowner is responsible to take the water to the home from the property line.

Water Initiation
When ready for the water to be turned on, the customer needs to call the plumbing inspector’s office to obtain approval (and a green approval card in most cases), and then call the Water Department at 765-648-6436 to schedule the meter to be set and the service activated.

Water Meters
All taps larger than 3/4 inches will be billed on a time and material basis with a minimum of $820. The city will only install meter pits of up to one inch. Meter vaults of 1 - 1/2 inches or larger must be constructed, owned, and maintain by the customer in accordance with Water Department specifications.

Please contact the Water Department for a spec sheet and estimate for your tap installation.