Around the House

Disconnect Downspouts
Disconnect and properly route downspouts at your homes and businesses. Downspouts connected to the sewer system can contribute to sewer back ups and combined sewer overflows. For additional information read more about the disconnection program.

Septic Systems
Properly maintain your septic system. If you have a septic system at your home it is important ensure that it is functioning properly. Please refer to the following websites for information on properly maintaining your septic system:
Waste Disposal
Dispose of household chemicals and pet waste properly. Dispose of your home chemicals such as paint, solvents, cleaning agents, and mercury properly. For information about how to dispose of these materials contact the East Central Indiana Solid Waste District at 765-640–2535. Never pour any of these materials into a sewer or storm drain. You may put small amounts of pet waste in the trash, the toilet, or bury it.

Fix plumbing leaks and conserve water. A tiny leak can add up to a gallon in minutes. Saving water saves you money and puts less water in the sewer. Less water in the sewer makes it less likely to overflow in a storm.

Removing Debris
Sweep up debris on sidewalks instead of washing it away with a garden hose. By volume sediment is the largest pollutant entering the nation’s streams and rivers. The dirt and gravel that runs off of our sidewalks and streets has a negative impact on the water quality of our streams and rivers.