Water Department

The Anderson Water Department is responsible for procuring, processing and delivering at pressure, approximately 10 million gallons of drinking water each day. Of course, this water is used in a wide range of tasks; from domestic home uses, to industrial service and even fire protection. To do this, we continuously operate and maintain a tremendous amount of infrastructure.

To develop a proper picture of the size and complexity of this public water system, it would be summarized as the following: Two individual well fields for a total of 16 wells – 2 separate treatment plants – 7 water towers – 320 linear miles of major trunk line water main – over 4000 valves – 21,500 individual customer service connections – 23,680 customer water meters and 1440 fire hydrants.

The system is operated by a Central Control Center that is manned 24 hours a day and also serves as after-hours trouble/dispatch. These Control Center Operators ensure that processes occur according to design and that all production is within established parameters. Additionally, these operators ensure that proper volume and pressure are achieved to satisfy the daily requirements brought about by both standard and emergency demands, such as firefighting.

The Water Department also provides routine customer service such as connects and disconnects, trouble calls, and emergency shutoffs. Specialized construction/repair crews handle various repairs such as main breaks and service line leaks. We maintain a 24-hour emergency standby crew to respond to after-hours emergencies and urgent customer requests.

Utility Office
For information on current utility bill balance, starting, stopping, or transferring utility services; Please visit their webpage or call them at 765-648-6187.