Victim's Assistance

Victimized Persons
A victim is any person who has directly suffered an emotional, physical, or personal loss as a result of a criminal act. Victimization by crime can be a difficult time for most people. The Anderson Police Department's victim advocates assist crime victims in recovering from the physical, emotional, and financial impact of the crime.

Assistance is also provided to victims during their involvement with criminal justice system by making the system more accessible, easier to understand, and more responsive to their needs.

Services Provided

  • Advocacy - Efforts are focused on ensuring the most appropriate action by the police department and cooperating with other criminal justice agencies to obtain justice.
  • Assistance - Provide transportation to the police department, shelter, and court hearings. Other assistance includes:
    • Accompanying victims during physical exams at hospitals, formal statements at the police department, and protective order hearings in court.
    • Assisting victims in filling out State Violent Crime Compensation Forms.
  • Case Status Information - Information regarding the progress of individuals' case through investigation.
  • Criminal Justice Information - Information about the criminal justice system, laws, policies, and procedures.
  • Crisis Intervention - Response to crisis situations involving violent attack, death, sexual assault, and/or emotional trauma 24 hours per day.
  • Emotional Support - Understanding of trauma reactions experienced by victims and guidance toward emotional stability and recovery.
  • Referrals - Referrals to other criminal justice and social service agencies.
Public Speaking & Community Education
The victim advocacy coordinator is available to present educational programs free of charge. Presentations can be scheduled through the Victim Advocate's Office.