Chaplains Corp

Anderson Police Department Chaplains program was initiated in 1995. The chaplains serve multiple purposes and perform in numerous roles in the department. They are called on to make death notifications and meet needs that exist when there is a death in a family or when there is a tragedy in the community.

They also respond to suicides, vehicle accidents, situations involving fatalities, community crises, and support victim advocates. Chaplains spend time riding with officers during their shifts. They take the time to see first hand what officers deal with day in and day out. Upon request they conduct defusing and debriefing with officers and people in the community that have been involved in a critical incident.

Role of the Chaplains

The roles of the Anderson Police Department Chaplains are:
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Debriefing and Diffusing
  • Liaison to the Religious Community
  • Officer Support
  • Public Ceremonies
  • Ride Outs with Officers
  • Victim Support
The chaplains respond to:
  • Community Emergencies
  • Situations involving Fatalities
  • Fatal Car Accidents
  • Suicides
  • Victim Advocate Support
The chaplains call officers to become their best and not be satisfied with who they are now. They help officers understand that they all need to grow and become better police officers, husbands, and wives.

Making Anderson a Better Place

The police department and the City of Anderson are better places because of the chaplains. Some refer to officers as the thin blue line, a wall that stands between right and wrong, victims and perpetrators, predators and their prey, anarchy and order. If police officers are that wall, then the chaplains are the battlements that support that wall and help make it strong.

Chaplains can be contacted at 765-623-4561 or 765-623-3602.

Mission Statement

To provide God's "ministry of presence" and skilled support to the community, victims, and to those who protect and serve us.