Resolving Problems
The City of Anderson maintains approximately 500 miles of sanitary sewer, combined sewer and separated storm sewer lines. Maintenance activities include the cleaning of catch basins and sewer lines and the replacement of damaged stormwater collection structures and sewer pipes. The city continually works to identify and resolve problem surface water drainage areas. The projects implemented to address these areas vary widely in size and scope.

In some cases drainage problems can be resolved by simply clearing an obstruction in a catch basin or sewer line, but in others the problem is more complex and requires the design and construction of new infrastructure. Thorough planning is required in these situations to ensure that the proposed project does not adversely impact other properties or the water quality of the receiving streams.

The city has also revised its ordinances to ensure that proposed new construction projects will not overload the stormwater system or adversely effect adjacent residents. The current ordinances that address stormwater drainage issues and surface water quality issues can be viewed online by clicking the link below;

Comments & Concerns
The City of Anderson is continually working to improve our Stormwater Management Program. Your comments and concerns play a vital role in this process. Find out which department to submit your thoughts to.