Criminal Intelligence Unit

Purpose of the Unit
The purpose of the Crime Analysis Unit is to establish a systematic method for the collection, analysis, and distribution of statistical data on reported crimes and criminals to aid the department in its efforts to prevent and suppress crime and to apprehend criminal offenders.

Crime analysis will also aid the department in strategic planning as it relates to such topics as:
  • Agency resource allocation
  • Crime prevention
  • Crime trends
  • Other associated areas
Statistical Data
It is the policy of the Anderson Police Department to provide current statistical data in a clear, concise format to facilitate evaluation of crime patterns, deployment of police personnel, and development of crime prevention programs.

The Intelligence Section and Crime Analysis Unit are both responsible for the crime analysis function.

Unit Analysts
The department maintains analysts trained to analyze data and prepare reports, charts, diagrams, abstracts, and other related documents pertaining to various crimes, offenders, and trends in criminal activity.

Criminal Intelligence Analyst Regina Leonard is assigned to the Anderson Police Department Criminal Intelligence / Crime Analysis Unit.