Intelligence Section

The primary objective of the Criminal Intelligence Unit is to fuse key information into a single intelligence database that facilitates a seamless flow of critical information between all areas of the Anderson Police Department.


Additional objectives include:
  • Determine level of organized crime in our jurisdiction
  • Determine the influence of organized crime on business, industry, and government
  • Establish a detection system for organized crime
  • Identify key criminal figures, associations, and affiliations
  • Increase interagency cooperation
  • Increase public awareness of organized criminal activity
Collecting Intelligence Information
The Anderson Police Department will actively collect criminal intelligence information on individuals, organizations, and businesses that are suspected of being involved in the planning, organizing, financing, or commission of criminal activities. They will also collect information on those who have threatened, attempted, planned, or performed criminal acts.

Additional Collection Information
Furthermore, the Anderson Police Department may collect intelligence information on individuals who have an established association with known or suspected crime figures, organizations, and businesses that are operated, controlled, financed, infiltrated, or illegally used by crime figures.

Additional Information

The Intelligence Section and Crime Analysis Unit are both responsible for the crime analysis function. Criminal Intelligence Analyst Regina Leonard is assigned to the Anderson Police Department Criminal Intelligence / Crime Analysis Unit.