Yard Recycling

The City of Anderson recycles wood debris, leaves, and grass to keep these items out of landfills and out of the stormwater system. If you are getting your yard or garden ready for spring planting, consider taking advantage of the center's specials on high quality mulch and compost.

The compost offered by the center is produced by a natural decomposition of leaves brought in from homes in our community. We add nothing to enhance the product or hasten the process. Because we work with large piles, heat is generated during the process, which kills insects and weed seeds.

The mulch created and sold at the center is another way we recycle. Tree limbs, even small trees, are brought to the center, where they are ground twice by a tub grinder and then screened to remove large pieces. Nothing else is added.

Limbs and brush are accepted at the center at a fee of $15 per truck load. Please keep brush free of trash as this must be screened out at an added expense to the taxpayers. The city accepts clean leaves and grass at no charge. Yard wastes must be loose or in biodegradable (non-plastic) bags.

The center does not pick up or deliver, but is open to the public two days per week.