Environmental Nuisance Control

Maintaining Visual Vitality
We encourage public collaboration and participation in maintaining the visual vitality of the City of Anderson. Our staff engage the best practices and methods to ensure public safety, environmental nuisance control, and enforcement of regulations relative to weeds, trash, and junk vehicles.


The Environmental Nuisance Control Division is responsible for:
  • Conducting all inspections necessary to confirm and enforce nuisance control regulations.
  • Issuance of letters to property owners regarding confirmed violations including time limit to correct in addition to court summonses for neglected notices. Property owners are responsible to comply with violation notice or be subject to abatement costs, court costs, administration costs, and/or fines.
  • Taking complaints on real property concerning weeds, trash and debris, and junk vehicles. Weeds are considered grass in excess of 12 inches tall and rank vegetation. All vehicles within the city must be street operable and currently registered and licensed.
  • Title research and file preparation of all violations in addition to court preparation and attendance in the event violations are adjudicated to a court of law.