Code Enforcement / Inspections

Inspection Practices & Methods
We encourage professional collaboration and engage in best inspection practices and methods to ensure public safety, environmental protection, and quality construction in the city.

Division Goals
The goals of our division is to:
  • Protect public safety, health, and welfare on premises or existing structures through diligent, efficient, effective, and courteous administration of relevant building codes and other applicable laws and regulations, and to take any action necessary to contribute to the general benefit of the city and its citizens.
  • Provide assistance to contractors, developers, and property owners by ensuring that buildings are constructed or altered in accordance with the Indiana State Building Codes and in a manner that protects the health, safety, and welfare of the general public.
  • Work in association with public safety departments to secure unsafe structures. This may include taking emergency action to board and seal a structure or fence off a property. Any cost incurred due to emergency action taken to secure a property will be the owners' responsibility.
  • Ascertain structural viability, building habitability, and safety issues of structures or premises. The Department of Municipal Development has the responsibility to ensure owners make repairs or remove hazards to correct code and safety violations. If a structure is deemed to be unsafe, the owners are required to vacate the structure.