Training Information

Training Center
Any public service agency can use the facility with no cost to the agency with the understanding that:
  • Any cost above our normal operating expenses (electric service, water, sewer, and normal trash removal) that is incurred by the City of Anderson and/or the Anderson Fire Department Shall be reimbursed.
  • They agree to hold harmless the City of Anderson and the Anderson Fire Department for the use of the Training Facility.
  • They shall abide by all rules established by the Anderson Fire Department.
  • They shall not train at levels not appropriate to there expertise and expertise of instructors on site.
  • Instructors used shall have prior approval of the Anderson Fire Department.
  • All training shall be scheduled with Anderson Fire Department in advance of any training.
  • They shall maintain an instructor student ratio appropriate to the training being performed.
  • They shall maintain an EMS presence appropriate to the training being conducted.
  • They shall return the training center to the condition they found it or in an improved condition prior to leaving.
Rules of Use
The Training Center can be used by any Public Safety Agency without cost to that agency, as long as they agree to abide by the rules contained in the usage agreement, provide proof of insurance for their participating students, and that such usage does not cost the City of Anderson or the Anderson Fire Department to incur a monetary expenditure above that of normal utilities costs.
  • The Anderson Fire Department will keep strict control of who may instruct at this facility.
  • The Anderson Fire Department owns this training center and will be the sole scheduling and usage agent for this facility.
  • For safety reasons the Anderson Fire Department reserves the right to suspend, modify, or terminate training exercises at this facility without recourse.
  • The Anderson Fire Department shall reserve the right to terminate an instructors authorization to use this facility at any time we deem it is in the best interest of the facility and the students being trained.
  • All training conducted shall be in accordance with the best practices of Fire and Public Safety Services and shall follow national standard practices, state and federal laws and regulations, and with the primary concern of safety for the participants in the training scenarios.
  • The training center shall be inspected for safety and damages prior to training, any deficiencies shall be satisfactorily repaired or locked out for safety before training begins. All deficiencies shall be reported to the Anderson Fire Departments Training Department.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the organization using the facility to repair or pay for any damages done to the facility.
  • The facility shall be left in the condition it was found or an improved condition.