The Engineering Department is responsible for the design and construction of streets and sidewalks, sanitary and storm sewers, traffic signals, and drainage. The department issues drainage permits for new or revised construction, all street cut permits for drives and entrances, and consults with individuals and organizations about traffic signal issues.

  • Develops long-range plans for street, sewer, and traffic projects, including a plan for use of federal funding
  • Directs and supervises the design, right of way acquisition, and construction for the implementation of the long-range plan and for maintenance and repair projects for streets, sanitary sewers, storm water control, and traffic control
  • Prepares traffic reports and devises traffic regulation ordinances for action by the Safety Board and City Council
  • Shares supervisory responsibility of Parking Authority with city controller
  • Performs related duties as assigned
  • Serves as city traffic engineer, performing traffic studies and oversees the operation of the Traffic Department
  • Reviews subdivision plat maps and inspects work of developers
  • Serves as member of Board of Sanitary Commissioners and oversees the maintenance and operation of the Sanitary District Storm Water Control System
  • Directs and supervises the work of department employees, including hiring, making job assignments, disciplining, and evaluating employee performance
  • Serves as member of the City Planning Commission
  • Makes recommendations to the Board of Works, Board of Safety, and City Council
  • Reviews and oversees issuance of drainage and access permits and ensures proper preparation and storage of plat maps, construction plans, right of way documents, and traffic accident data
  • Represents department at various public meetings, delivers speeches and public presentations, as requested
  • Prepares and administers department budget, reviews purchase orders and receipts, and authorizes payments of claims
  • Prepares and submits applications for federal highway funds
  • Performs annual review of department activities and prepares annual report