Nifty Lift / ADA Info and Complaint Process

Nifty Lift serves the needs of customers who are unable to use the CATS regular fixed route bus system due to being elderly, having a handicap, or having a disability.  Customers must also meet the criteria established by the U.S. Department of Transportation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

Lift-equipped vehicles are available to meet the transportation needs of the mobility limited.

Patrons are requested to provide notice by 7 p.m. prior to the day of requested service. However, if scheduling permits, requests for service during the same day will be honored.

Users must have an approved application on file prior to making appointments with Nifty Lift.
Nifty Lift

CATS Complaint Process

If a passenger has a complaint about any issue with the ADA Nifty Lift service, the passenger will need to call the Nifty Lift supervisor (765-648-6403) or Director of Operations (765-648-6406), email ( or, or come out and speak to us in person at 530 Dale Keith Jones Rd. Anderson, IN 46012 to lodge the complaint. When filing complaint please have the following information available for the staff to properly investigate the complaint and get back with you to take care of the complaint:

  1. What is the complaint?
  2. Who was the driver of vehicle?
  3. What day and time did it happen?
  4. Do you have the vehicle number?
  5. Your name and telephone number

Once the complaint is received the supervisor and/or Director of Operations will pull all available video from vehicle and talk with the driver or anyone that is involved in the investigation process. The supervisor/director of operations will stay in contact with you while the investigation is ongoing. The investigation and conclusion should be reached with 15 working days of complaint being filed. Once a conclusion has been reached the Supervisor/Director of Operations will reach out to you and inform you of any decisions/actions taken. Once final action has been taken the complaint will be put into a file and kept for a minimum of 5 years.

CATS Appeal Process

If you disagree with a decision made by Nifty-Lift regarding eligibility certification or a suspension, contact the ADA Paratransit Supervisor at (765) 648-6403 for an administrative hearing. If you are still unsatisfied after and administrative hearing with the ADA Paratransit Supervisor, you may file a written appeal. An appointed panel of at least four (4) individuals (made up of transportation officials, medical or disability professionals, and rider representatives) will review your appeal. The appeal process will be carried out in accordance with the ADA regulations.

Notice of Right to Appeal

Under the provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, customers and applicants have the right to appeal any determination stating that the customer or applicant is not eligible for Nifty-Lift ADA Paratransit Service, any suspension of service, or other restrictions which may have been placed upon the customer or applicant. Appellants must make their appeal within 60 days of receiving a notice of eligibility determination or suspension. Appeals should be submitted in writing to: 60 days of receiving a notice of eligibility determination or suspension. Appeals should be submitted in writing to:

   City of Anderson Transit System  
   Attn: ADA Paratransit Coordinator
   530 Dale Keith Jones Road  
   Anderson, IN 46011  
Upon receipt of an appeal request, City of Anderson Transit System will schedule a hearing date. Service will not be rendered until a decision has been made except for “No Show Violation” appeals. Customers who appeal a “No Show” suspension will continue to receive service until a decision has been made.

Transportation to and from the appeal will be arranged by the City of Anderson Transit System through the ADA Paratransit Supervisor at no charge to the appellant. An advocate may be designated at the option of the appellant. The appellant, appellant’s advocate, or other representative may make a presentation at the scheduled hearing. An appeal decision will be made no later than thirty (30) days after the hearing date and the written appeal decision shall be mailed to the applicant within one (1) business day of the decision being made. If an appeal decision is not made within 30 days from the date of the hearing, the appellant will receive presumptive eligibility until such time that a decision can be made.

If there is any change in the customer or applicant’s ability to use the fixed-route bus service in the future, the customer or applicant may submit a new application for ADA Paratransit Services through the Nifty-Lift Office.


Visitors to the Anderson area, who are certified eligible for similar service by the transit agency in their area, will be accorded the same privileges while visiting. The ID card or Eligibility Letter issued by your home transit system will be sufficient to document eligibility. If no such documentation is available, then CATS may require proof of visitor status and eligibility.  CATS will provide visitors with no more than 21 days of service within a 365-day period.  After which the visitor may be required to apply for eligibility through the same processes established for residents under 49.CFR Section 37.125.

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