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Due to the negative impact of COVID-19 to our local small businesses, which are a vital part of our local economy, and our local tourism, travel, and hospitality industries; financial assistance for these groups is necessary to allow for their long-term sustainability. A total of $2,200,000.00 of ARPA Funds are allocated and approved to assist eligible owners of said small businesses both located within the city limits of Anderson to respond to the public health emergency with respect to COVID-19 and/or its negative economic impacts including, but not limited to, mitigation of financial hardship and implementation of COVID-19 prevention or mitigation tactics. Accordingly, $2,200,000.00 has been appropriated for the purposes stated herein.


The organizational, award and reporting requirements for funding opportunities are as follows:

  • Applicant Business must comply with reporting guidelines as established by The Department of Treasury and The City of Anderson. Deadline for submitting application is September 22nd, 2023 at 3:00 pm EDT.
  • Applicant Business must be registered with the State of Indiana. 
  • Applicant Business must not discriminate based on age, sex, religion, national origin, disability, economic status, or sexual orientation. 
  • Applicant Business must be independently owned, operated, not dominant in its field of operation, and be located within the Anderson city limits.   
  • Applicant Business must have been in operation prior to June 15, 2022 and still be in operation.   
  • Applicant Business must be able to demonstrate COVID-related negative economic impacts by showing any of the following:  a reduction in revenue or gross receipts, financial insecurity, increased costs, capacity to weather financial hardship, challenges covering payroll, rent or mortgage, and other operating costs.
  • Applicant Business must be current on all financial obligations to the City of Anderson and the State of Indiana (e.g. property taxes, utility bills, past due bills, etc.).  If not, any awarded funding must go to pay off utility debts before the committee considers additional project funding.  

Ineligible Entities

  • Businesses over 25 employees (Full Time Equivalents) 
  • Professional offices including medical, dental, legal, franchises, insurance, or property management.
  • Business ownership outside the City of Anderson.

Eligible Use of Funds

Examples of eligible use of funding for promoting long-term sustainability include, but is not limited to: 

  • Grants to mitigate financial hardship, such as declines in revenues or impacts of periods of business closure, such as supporting payroll and benefits costs; costs to retain employees; mortgage; rent; or utilities costs; and other operating costs.
  • Grants to implement COVID-19 prevention or mitigation tactics, such as physical changes to enable social distancing, enhanced cleaning efforts, enhance ventilation, barriers or partitions, or COVID-19 vaccination, testing, or contact tracing programs. These expenses must have been incurred on or after March 3, 2021.
  • Capacity Building, Technical Assistance, Counseling or other services to support business planning.
  • Capital Improvements to allow rehabilitation of commercial properties for new use or increase useful life (additions, room renovation, flooring or window replacements, roof repair, electrical/HVAC/mechanical/plumbing systems, and storefront/façade improvements).

Ineligible Use of Funds 

  • Awarded funds must be tied to the same business entity applying for funding and cannot be used as startup expenses for a new venture.
  • Increase inventory of food, alcohol, or tobacco related products.
  • Political campaigns. 
  • Personal debt or personal expenses. 
  • To pay off property or income tax.