Complaint and Compliment Process

Ways to File a Complaint

Ways to File a Complaint

If you wish to file a complaint, the four ways to file a complaint are:

  1. Call the Anderson Police Department's Main Line (765-648-6700) and ask for a supervisor
  2. Go to the Anderson Police Department and speak to the front desk officer
  3. Email a complaint using the online form (click here for the form and instructions)
  4. Mail a filled out copy of the complaint form (click here for the printable form) to the Anderson Police Department, 1040 Main St., Anderson, IN, 46016

More info on the complaint process is below in the section "Complaint Process." 

Complaint Process

Making a Complaint


As a citizen, you are encouraged to contact the police department if you have a complaint about the actions of a police officer or non-sworn employee if you believe their conduct was inappropriate. The Anderson Police Department accepts complaints anytime, but those close in time to the event will aid the investigation process. A complaint may be made in person, by U.S. Mail, by telephone, or email at:


Complaints may be made 24 hours a day. The department has developed a complaint form that should be used.  The form is available at the APD desk or via the Anderson Police Department Web site. If the complaint is made in person, supervisory personnel will aid you in completing the form if desired. The complaint should be made by the person involved, whenever possible, his or her attorney or in the case of a juvenile, a parent or guardian. Upon receipt of the complaint, regardless of the method it is made, supervisory personnel will discuss concerns you have and will answer questions about actions of  an officer, initiate your complaint against an officer, and conduct investigations of police conduct.  Although we encourage citizens to report police misconduct, complaints must be made in good faith.  False or highly exaggerated complaints serve no good purpose for either the citizens or the officer and only tend to thwart our complaint-taking process.  It is a violation of Indiana law to make a false report against a police officer. Anyone who knowingly makes any false accusation for the purpose of discrediting a police officer may be prosecuted for False Informing under Indiana Code 35-44.1-2-3 (d) (5).  

The Complaint Procedure


Supervisory personnel are responsible for receiving, processing, and investigating  allegations and complaints made against members of the Anderson Police Department.  To ensure the public’s trust and maintain the department’s integrity, a supervisor will conduct an immediate and objective investigation of all complaints.  


The police department will not condone and will take disciplinary action against any employee who effects or causes harassment, tacit or otherwise, of complainants, witnesses, or any other person connected to or associated with an internal investigation.

  • Notify the Police Department Administrative Staff immediately if you suspect violation of any of the above.
  • You may ask about the status of your complaint, at any time, by calling the Police Department Administrative Staff at 648-6715.


Important Information You Will Need When Filing A Complaint


When you file a complaint, please have as much of following information available:

  • Date, time and location of the incident
  • Description/Name of officer(s) and their badge number or vehicle number
  • Witnesses' names, addresses, phone numbers
  • Citation, medial records, or any other documentation/evidence that you feel may be helpful

The following is a brief synopsis of what you may expect to happen:

The Interview


A supervisor will interview you about your complaint.   You will be asked questions about what happened.  It is possible that the supervisor may be able to explain the employee’s actions to your satisfaction.


  • If you are under the age of 18, a legal guardian must accompany you when filing the complaint.
  • Normally, you will be interviewed at the Anderson Police Department headquarters.  You should expect the interview to be video recorded.
  • The supervisor will ask you for the details of your complaint.  It is important to have as much information as possible.
  • When warranted, evidence processing may take place.


The Investigation

After the interview, the police department will investigate your complaint.  

  • The investigators are made up of supervisors, police department investigators, and in some cases, an outside agency may be utilized.
  • All available body camera or in-car camera video or audio will be reviewed.
  • All employees familiar with the incident will be interviewed. Witnesses whom you’ve named or were present will be contacted and interviewed.  Subsequent interviews may be needed.
  • You may be asked to submit to a CVSA test (Computer Voice Stress Analyzer).
  • Although it is impossible to estimate how long the investigation will take, a normal investigation should take no more than 30 days to complete.  If an investigation is projected to extend beyond 30 days, you will be notified.

The Disposition

The final disposition can usually be classified into one of the following categories:

Unfounded – The allegation is false, not factual, or did not involve police personnel.

Exonerated – The alleged act or omission did occur, but was justified, lawful and proper.

Not sustained – Insufficient evidence to either prove or disprove allegations.

Sustained – Evidence sufficient to prove allegations.

  • Complainants will be notified of the final disposition


If Your Complaint Is Sustained


If the complaint is “sustained” the department’s disciplinary policy will be applied.   Disciplinary action can take many forms and is based on the severity of the matter and past disciplinary actions against the employee.  Discipline can include counseling, training, reprimand, suspension, demotion, dismissal, and/or criminal charges.

Administrative Review Mission Statement

Administrative Review Mission Statement


A partnership between the citizens of Anderson and the Anderson Police Department can ensure the citizens of Anderson have the best law enforcement available.  The Mission of the administration review process is to protect the public, the employee and the department through fair, thorough and proactive investigations of alleged misconduct.  This mission is intended to accomplish three objectives:


PROTECTION OF THE PUBLIC by identifying and effecting corrective action of police department personnel and, if applicable, changing procedures that better serve the department and public.


PROTECTION OF THE DEPARTMENT by taking appropriate action so that misconduct of a few will not detract from the overall performance and reputation of the department.


PROTECTION OF THE EMPLOYEE against false or malicious allegations of misconduct by ensuring fairness and accuracy in all investigations.

Commending Superior Performance

If you wish to commend the actions of an Anderson Police Department officer or department employee, you can:

  1. Call the Anderson Police Department's Main Line (765-648-6700) and ask for a supervisor and verbally communicate your praise
  2. Go to the Anderson Police Department, speak to the front desk officer, ask for a supervisor, and verbally communicate your praise
  3. Write a letter or email to the Chief of Police explaining your praise
    1. Address: Michael Lee, Chief of Police, 1040 Main St., Anderson, IN 46012
    2. Email:

Commendations received by the Chief of Police for any Anderson Police Department employee will result in advising the employee of your gratitude and in recording his/her actions in the employee's personnel file. If applicable, an award can also be presented to the officer(s).